Why Use Q&AVision

You have great content on your website, videos on your YouTube channel. You have answered question on Quora, on your blog, on Google hangouts, and on AMAs. Maybe you have published articles and books. But you don't have a single, unified interface to all this content. This is what we can provide you. We create a dedicated Q&A interface to all your content. We call this your channel. A visitor to you channel can askquestions; we provide answers based on your content and only your content.

The second cool and useful thing we do is to bring your channel, and thus all your content, to your audience, wherever they may be online. We can embed your channel in digital ads, in Facebook pages, in blogs (any blog, not just your blog), in web pages, news letters, and even to a limited extent in emails. Your audience can do a Q&A session in any of the embeddings of your channel. You no longer have to worry about how to get your audience to your content because we bring your content to your audience.

How It Works

You create a channel on Q&AVision. You choose a starter set of questions that you want to answer in terms of your existing content. For each question, you upload an answer or point Q&AVision to the content from which you want it to extract the answer. We create a Q&A interface to your channel based on natural language processing and machine learning technologies. Visitors to your channel can ask question in ordinary English. Our system interprets the question and serves an answer if the question can be answered in terms of your content.

You expand your starter set of questions and create new content in terms of the questions your audience is asking on your channel.