Market your expertise with a Q&A channel

  • You have great content in your website and your blog, videos on YouTube, answers on Quora.
  • You have answered questions in interviews.
  • You have done AMAs.
  • You may have written articles and books.

In other words, you have great content in which you have answered questions - but it is scattered in many places. We can create a unified Q&A interface to all your content.

When someone asks a question through this interface, they are exposed to your content and ONLY your content. We call this a channel because you are channelling all your content through this interface.

We can embed your channel in your website, your news letters, blogs (not just your blog), your Facebook page and the page of your followers, in digital ads to enhance your brand, and even to a limited extent in emails. In other words, we bring your content to your audience so you don't have to worry about how to bring your audience to your content.


Advertise your brand, products, or services Q&A Ads

  • You are about to introduce a new product…

- To gain consumer acceptance for your product, you need to answer many questions.

  • You have a FAQ on your website…

- But it won’t do you any good unless people are interested enough in your product to visit your website.

Instead of trying to get people to visit your content, why not bring your content to where people are online? We make this happen.

We create a Q&A interface to all the questions you want to answer about your new product. We embed this interface in a digital ad. People can ask questions in the ad and get your answers via video, audio, and tex within the ad itself.
They can keep asking questions and getting answers repeatedly until they are ready to take the next step.

You can use the data about what questions people are asking about your product to guide your subsequent advertising campaigns.


Amplify your campaign with a Q&AVision Channel

You want voters to know where you stand on issues and how you’ll solve their problems. Voters want to be able to ask you questions.
You know most voters will not go to your website, they’ll not attend your town hall meetings, they’ll throw out your campaign literature. Instead of trying to push your message on people, why not present them opportunites to ask questions.

We create a Q&AVision channel for your campaign. You populate it with video/audio/text clips in which you answer specific questions of interest to your voters. You can use your channel to give voters opportunities to ask you questions by embedding your channel in digital ads, your Facebook page, the Facebook pages of your followers, blogs, websites, and in your email campaigns.

We provide you with analytics on which demographic group asked questions on which topics. You can use this to guide your ground game and your online advertising.