A platform for creating a single Q&A interface to all of your content, wherever it may be online. We make it possible for you to embed your interface (we call it your channel) in websites, digital ads, blogs, Facebook pages, emails, and newsletters. Visitors to your channel in all it's embeddings can ask questions to your channel and get answers based only on your content.

Our Philosophy

  • Bring your content to your audience wherever they may be online instead of trying to bring your audience to your content.
  • Create the desire to ask a question of your channel by presenting your channel in as many settings as possible; don't wait for people to want to ask a question.

How We Are Different

Although specific YouTube videos can be embedded in digital media, Q&AVision allows you to embed an entire channel in digital ads, blogs, Facebook pages, etc. Siri, Google Now, Cortana, Amazon Echo, YouTube, search engines, etc., provide a general query interface; we provide an interface to your channel so only your content can surface in response to a query to your channel.